Everything happens for a reason


Everything happens for a reason.

Travelling in Europe by train, I got stacked for a night in Dijon, France. The station closes at midnight and the first train is after 5 am. It means five long hours in the city without a place to stay.

What to do? When being in a difficult situation, I always try to focus on the solution, searching for different possibilities to define what to do. I also have learnt to ask for help, because only then people know that I need support.

Ask for what you want.

I asked and I received help. There was a group of Red Cross volunteers that founded an accommodation for me in a student house. They go every night to help homeless people and provide them food. Besides that, they study or work, and they volunteer in Red Cross because they want to help. I would have never thought I will need their support, for which I’m grateful.

It happens what it meant to be.

In the dormitory I have met Chiara, Italian girl passionate about dance and art, with everything-is-possible attitude and with beautiful dreams, seeking the way to realize them. We have had a meaningful conversation about doing what we love in our lives, relationships in which you can both fully give and receive, and about taking the steps to make our dreams become reality.

If I wouldn’t have lost the train connection, we wouldn’t have met and this conversation wouldn’t take place.

Now I’m just waiting for the message from Chiara about her next steps towards her dreams


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