Do not doubt your dreams, fight for them… and wonder.

I just have realized my dream to visit my friends across Europe before moving to Asia. That was not only the trip through the countries, yet also the exploration, the journey through the world of dreams with beautiful individuals. During next days I will be sharing with you with the experiences and the thoughts I gained on the way. Yet now, being back for Christmas, I realised there is something extremely relevant for our dreams to be realised. It is to BELIEVE in these dreams. Do not doubt them and do not allow the opinions of others to stop you from making your dreams reality. Sitting at the Christmas table, I have heard many doubts about something I truly believe in: living the life full of happiness, without the scary doubts about the future. I was told that wisdom is always related to the age, that certainty is better than uncertainty, and that people older= wiser from you know know better what is good for you.

182467_10150092477632914_3607537_nI agree that years can make us wiser but only if during these years we are willing to experience and to learn from life. We would gain definitely more wisdom getting through what we do not know yet, what is uncertain. We can do this no matter how old we are. I believe that the whole beauty of life is about the surprises it provides to us. I dream, and I dream big, and I already realised many of them; I was able to make them reality only because I truly believed in them, I haven’t let others to make me doubt about what I have been doing. I keep the attitude of the child that does not know the limits that adults have. I have accepted uncertainty as the part of my life, that makes me wonder, that enriches me. Do not doubt your dreams, fight for them, as your life would depend on them; because it does, actually.


2 thoughts on “Do not doubt your dreams, fight for them… and wonder.

  1. Excellent post Natalia I want to totally agree that believing is the most crucial part of anything we want to accomplish.

    All the best with the blog!

    P.S – you inspired me to finnaly create my own too…

    1. Thank you very much for your sharing, Damian! It definitely motivates me to keep on writing!

      When we believe, we always find the way to make things happen!

      Waiting for your blog and let me know about it! I know that you have many great things to share with šŸ™‚

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