Portugal, the magic place where people go for what they want.

Portugal was a beautiful surprise for me. I haven’t gained too much information about the country; and I did it on purpose, because more important than the history of a place are the stories of the people living there, their way of thinking about that place and the feelings they have towards it.

I was in Porto. My experience there was as unique as the people I have spent the time with. Two intense days and two friends: one that I know since two years and one that I have met during my first hours in the city. Three things they definitely have in common – love to travel, love to music and the passion to what they do.

I need to emphasize it was my first time visiting Portugal. What does Portugal mean to me know? Certainly, it is not a smaller copy of Spain with Portuguese language instead. This is a unique country with people who do spent the time together, who have the time for others; where the food is as important as eating together and where every wine has it’s story, the story that needs to be told.

In Portugal students are proud wearing their special student clothes. You can see them in the streets during the day and at the parties by night.

And (O)Porto? I was amazed by the city and by the people I spent the time with.


With Silvio it’s about making the things happen and enjoying every single moment. We got to know each other in Panama, and it was there when we talked about meeting in Portugal for some delicious wine and cheese. From a single idea to action – there was a meeting, there was wine and cheese.

With Silvio I could feel the spirit of Porto; walking by Avenida Diogo Leite, where tried various kinds of porto wine, passing  by night through the bridges with breath-taking views, including Ponte de D. Luis I and enjoying the night life in the old part of the city.
I became influenced by Silvio’s passion to Porto; and the passion with which he was showing me HIS city.


With Magda we have met in Porto and she has offered showing me here & there; and “here” really means here in the city, and “there” – all the places outside, normally unreachable for the tourists.
With the time of exploring the city, we also had the chance to share the stories from our life, our thoughts and our dreams.

Magda showed me Atlantic and the power of the ocean. I could get to know the other face of Porto, the city of the “Old Continent”, the place strongly connected and depended on nature; starting from the architecture, through the cuisine to and the ways of spending the time. Magda showed me Porto, the city to which you want to go back.

When thinking about the people in and from Portugal, I think about persons who are not afraid to take the risk, who are ambitious and who are not afraid of the big dreams they have; people who act, beautiful individuals that I’m looking forward to meeting again!


3 thoughts on “Portugal, the magic place where people go for what they want.

  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed Portugal 🙂 If you ever visit it again, visit Coimbra (the student’c clothes you were talking about were “born” in there (the University of Coimbra was the first one in Portugal) and visit Beja (or other cities of the Alentejo region…). You’ll be delighted 🙂

  2. I spent one semester in Porto as an Erasmus student.
    You are right – it’s an amazing place.

    People are so friendly and helpful and I like the thing that food and eating together is so important for them.
    They are not in the rush – they have time for everything – maybe that’s why they are always late 😉

    You sholuld see students during Quiema – it’s their celebration – all of them are wearing their special clothes and have their special hats.

    After my Erasmus I found out about Mindvalley, I really wanted to join this company. One day I will aplly there 😉
    I hope you are enjoying working there.

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