When it is the right time to enjoy the moment and to say goodbye

saying-goodbye11The things come and go. The same is with the experiences we pass through, the feelings we have, the relations with others.

Recently I’ve heard many of my friends saying who and what comes and are the right persons or things to be there in that certain time, in that place. Whenever it’s over, it’s over; and it was the right time for that.

Being in this special time of closing one of the most precious stages of my life, full of happiness and wonderful people around me, I’m preparing myself to start new, exciting stage, gaining new experiences, discovering new culture and meeting new wonderful people.

In such moments of my life (and I passed through it like eight to ten times already, always when I move to live to other country for longer) I remind myself to enjoy the moment. To enjoy and appreciate this current moment, not thinking about what happened in the past neither what might happen in the future. Just be in the place in which you are now, be there fully, with your heart and mind ready to feel the gratefulness for what you have, and gratefulness for the opportunity to share these beautiful moments of pure life joy with the ones that are here with you.

Wish you many beautiful moments in the end of the year and for the whole 2013. It might be the right time to close some things, to start new ones or start over.
There won’t be any better moment than now, so make your time valuable.

As Mark Twain said, enjoy every day of your your life as it was the lsat one.

Happy 2013!


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