Dream BIG!

Dream BIGMy big dream is to travel. Travelling means for me exploring and going beyond the borders (not only in the physical way), and this is my passion, this is what I love. I remember the time when I have thought to make it a part of my daily life. That was when I took the decision that I want to realise my dream.

I wanted to visit every country in the world. And then, immediately, I doubt: this is really big dream… maybe too big for me? Visiting all of them means going to cerca 200 countries. Maybe I should set up a smaller dream, like for example 90 countries?

Why do I dream of travelling?

When I travel I feel pure happiness and deep connection with myself. This is something that gives me energy to act and what calms me down when there are too many thoughts in my mind. It enables me to meet so many amazing individuals, reconnect with people who make my life special: my friends; being on the way I also get to know many beautiful indiviuals, people with inspiring stories and dreams, who always help you when needed. When I travel I can see the beauty of the world we live in more clearly.


When I have realised the meaning of my dream and importance of it for my life, I knew immediately: I cannot make it small, just because I don’t know how I would realise it. It’s my dream, I can make is as big as I want to, and then I will find the way to make it happen! It felt good and that’s why I want to share it with you!

My dream is to visit every single country in the world. It’s a BIG dream for me and when; I have butterflies in the stomach, it scares me a little and makes me feel excited at the same time. Yet, what’s the most important, once I set it up, I know I will make it happen! Not being sure how, but I know I will.

Are your dreams big enough?

I have visited already 30 countries and every country I’ve been to has been scratched on my scratch map of the world, what you can see on the photo. Every year I plan to visit 5 new countries, so that I should done till the age of 70. Thank to setting up smaller goals and having easy, yet enjoyable, tracking system, my dream is much more achievable for me, it doesn’t look so scary anymore.

I share with you with my dream because I believe dreaming BIG is good. While dreaming, think what is that You really want, what makes You truly happy. When you would feel butterflies in your stomach, that is the sign you are on a good way; and don’t worry: you will always figure out how to realise your dream.

Dream BIG!


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