Malaysia, my very first impressions.

Warsaw So here I am in Kuala Lumpur. After more than 15 hours of flight from Poland. If you have ever visited Central America, you might find many similarities with Malaysia. Humidity that I love, AC everywhere inside (that I’m not a big fan of), lots of cars and no pedestrians, food sold on the streets and many, many places to eat out.

When I went to the supermarket, I felt a little bit like back in Panama. Enormous choice of flakes and musli, crackers and especially fruits and vegetables that I cannot name. It makes me feel being a child in the shop, looking at everything with the curiosity, touching, smelling, thinking what the taste could be.

Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I get out from the bed in the morning and greet the day looking atthe sun from the balcony. The city just about to wake up.

When I think about KL I think about all these wonderful people I have met again and I am getting to know. My first hour in Malaysia I have spent with Herni, who picked me up from the airport; and the last time we have seen each other was 5 years ago in Poland! Then, catching up with my friends from Poland, Russia, Costa Rica and Venezuela; living with two easy-going flatmates with great personalities; and meeting more, and more amazing people from all around the world after starting my dream job! Those were just my first three days in Malaysia.

I am so willing to explore more, the culture(s) here, the places and especially people living here! 


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