How to adapt yourself in new environment and do what fulfills your purpose?


Fulfillment has been always the word that I consider express me the best.

Why? Is simply because I took this decision one day in my life that I would do what I enjoy and… that I will enjoy what I’m doing. Whatever comes to you, or whatever you bring to your life, think about 3 positive things about it – what can you learn thank to that, what value does it bring to you; not necessarily to your whole life, but also to your day – because only then you can focus on these small moments of happiness and joy in your daily life – and it is as important as these “big ones.”

I was mentally “away” for last couple of days, trying to define my place here: in new country, among different people, getting used to to the way things work here. There were some questions I replied myself for, some thoughts I have clarified.

Incitement Growth Meeting

Now the things become more clear. How did I do that?

I gave off all of myself – showing the willingness to be truly engaged into the projects that I believe in and consider having a great potential. So I did with the people and with my work. I followed simple steps:

1) Define what interests you by simply asking yourself and writing everything down: what drives you, what can you offer (believe me, there are many things!), what is it that you want to learn/develop

2) Define what is that you can do right now to get closer to what you want to gain in your life and to what makes you feel happy; if it is for example cooking, maybe you can start cooking for your friends/family once a week or join cooking classes.

 3) Connect with people that share this interest with you –  if you like for instance helping others and like me you don’t know how to start,  just ask people around – you will be surprised how many useful information they can provide you.

4) Show others your willingness and abilities to do the things – tell others about what interests you and take the action by taking the first step – go to the cooking class or invite your friends for a dinner this week; or go to this volunteer meeting and offer your support, ask for some (even small) responsibilities, that would enable you to connect better with the ones who are in the organization longer. It could be writing the summary of the meeting, doing a small research based on the needs or anything else, that you know you can and will make.

During last couple of days I have had the chance to remind myself about the things that drive me and the goals that I set up starting this blog, I opened up and had some beautiful, meaningful conversations with people. I’m back on track, I know what are the values and skills that I can bring and lat not least… I take the action – and this is what makes me feel fulfilled and happy.


What do you think?

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