The most beautiful morning of my life

“If you want, you can join us but we’re leaving at 4.30 AM”

“Ok, you can count me in!”

It’s been a while since the last time I did it. Exactly eleven months, and it was in beautiful Harz Mountains in Germany. This time it would be very different, though; at first, in Malaysia, the opposite part of the world, Malaysia so different from my first impressions.

Another thing is the weather – warm (like always) comparing to cold and still snowy mountains in Europe in the middle of April.

What was that made me wake up at 4 am on Saturday, just after two hours of sleep after very intense week? Climbing. I put it on my Dream List and just few days after I got the chance to realize it. If you have the opportunity to make your dream come true, you just go for it, right?! I do.

04.45 am – my friends pick me up (there were on time, and it’s not that common here), we head to the shop open 24/7 to buy some snacks and drinks.

05.00 am – we head to Bukit Tabur, possibly the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world, a geological wonder right next to Kuala Lumpur.

05.33 am – after a long drive through the whole city and getting lost, we finally reach our destination. Here we meet two mountain guides who are waiting for a group to arrive to climb the mountain. It’s completely dark.

05.43 am – we start climbing. It’s still dark and we don’t have flashlights for everybody. Luckily, one of the guides comes with us – he knows the way and he has the flashlight.

First meters are though for us. The only thing we can see, except some sporadical flashlight,  are beautiful stars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help in moving up. But it looks just amazing, especially if you spend most of the time in the city – where you cannot see any stars.

06.31 am – we reach our first mini-top, from which we wait for around half an hour to see the sunrise. The view for Kuala Lumpur is just amazing – thousands of small lights, Petronas Towers far, far away. The stars and tiny moon on the sky. I took this time to meditate, it came up to me so naturally.

06.58 am – the sunrise is almost here, the colour of the sky starts changing – some purple, pink, and orange can be seen. Slowly, we can see where we are: upon breath-taking valley with natural lake on our left, surrounded by other mountains.

Do you know this feeling when you see a movie with some amazing, magical views? It was how I felt. It was somehow magical with the fog among the mountain tops; geographically still so close to the city, but belonging to nature. Untouched by people. Pure nuture. Pure beauty.

In one second I understood why monks go to the mountains. It seemed for me like there’s no  closer place to understand yourself than here.

07.39 – we start climbing again. We meet the group of 40 students climbing up today. Have you ever imagined such a big crowd at such early hour in the mountains?! They brought their food, all cooking equipment and…fireworks to have lunch un in the top. Fireworks were just for fun.

08.57 – we reach the top of Bukit Tabur. On the way we were climbing there was a time we had to risk sometimes, assess our body strength, trust others and…ourselves. It was unique experience for me. Adding to that a great companions and astonishing views, I can easily say it was the most beautiful morning of my life in Malaysia.

Expect more to happen. Another beautiful dream accomplished and new passion found. I would definetely repeat it very soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “The most beautiful morning of my life

  1. glad you enjoyed the hike. next hike, chiling waterfalls, and after that, broga hill. you are in my list of people to invite when i do all this random, or plan trips to nowhere! 😉

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