Celebrating life – Holi, Festival of Colours

It was the most colourful birthday celebration in my life.

Celebrating Holi Festival in Malaysia

March, 31st – Easter, Holi celebration in Malaysia and… my birthday. I went to Holi,  Hindu Festival of Colours. It has many purposes, but the main is to enjoy the beginning of spring. For me it was also about beginning new, exciting year of my life – this time in Asia. It was beautiful.

I felt like being back to my childhood for few hours.

Imagine that you can throw coloured powder at the people you don’t know. Everywhere around you there are smiled people with their faces painted in many different colours, wishing “Happy Holi” to each other. You have small chats with the people you see for the very first time in your life, you dance together to Indian music.

It was like being completely free, enjoying the moment, celebrating, bonding with people, being simply happy. Holi reminded me that there is always good time to play, to laugh and to appreciate the small moments in life. And to live in a colourful way!

Happy Holi!

Holi was celebrated in Kuala Lumpur in The Temple of Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir 

  Celebrating Holi Festival in MalaysiaHoli Festival in Malaysia 

Going pink!  Holi Festival in Malaysia  Crowd during Holi Festival in Malaysia

Dancing Tunak Tunak during Holi Festival in Malaysia   Holi is truly a festival of colours

That's how our hands looked like after Holi Festival


4 thoughts on “Celebrating life – Holi, Festival of Colours

  1. Hey! A belated happy birthday!! (so sorry we couldn’t make it to the party 😦
    Wow, you know Svetlana (first picture) – world just got een smaller!
    Love your blog, please keep up the great writing ^_^

    1. Hey Olya!Thank you very much for wishes and your great words of appreciation! It truly does motivate me to keep writing!
      And yes, the world is small, and Kuala Lumpur becomes for me slowly a village where everybody knows each other! 😉

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