IT IS happening – Malaysians toward the change?

So It Is happening.

The opposition went out – maybe not on the streets but to the stadium. They have started at 8 am and they continue till now. It’s rainy all day long, yet it didn’t stop the people to go out and stand up together for what is important to them.

It’s not about politics anymore – it’s about Change and about giving Power to the People.

I’ve been asking whether Malaysians are ready to stand up, peacefully, for matters to them, whether they are politcally matter enough – will they go as one nation, not as Malays, Chinese, Indians, but as people who are Malaysians…

They took the first step, look at what is going on in the Kelana Jaya Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, where people who are in opposition to current politics of Barisan Nasional (The National Front) met.

What would happen next?

What are your predictions? Please share below – let’s talk about it right now, at the moment it is happening!


What do you think?

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