What does a meaningful conversation do to you?

I have had a meaningful conversation tonight. I went for a dinner with my friend and we started to talk – at the beginning about daily things, on how to manage this blog from technical side, and then we talked about the project we run together, on how do we see it in the future…. Then we started to talk about our lives, about the events from the past and how they shaped our personalities as we are right now. We went through our university years, our life purpose, the relevance of cooperation, feeling of ownership and importance of self-education and following your passion.


It made me feel just… good. Being with the right person at the right time, having the conversation on the topics that are meaningful to both of us. And listening actively to each other.

Do it.

Go deeper into the conversation with the people. Open up and share what you have inside – your feelings and emotions, your dreams and passions, goals, fears, observations… Just go deeper in the conversation when you actually talk with person. Instead of asking general “How are you?” ask how a person feels today. Give something from yourself, from inside. Once you do it, believe me, the other person would do the same. When we start to open up, people do the same towards us – we build the trust, the connection between each other.

And that’s how all meaningful conversations start.15542_1274338906865_6494806_n

They all are different, touch various topics, yet there is one thing in common – they make the difference in your life, and the life of others.

You can do it anywhere – there’s always a good time for a good time for having a meaningful conversation. It can be short, it can last for hours. What is important, is that you are engaged: you listen actively and speak honestly.

So, go, open up, start a conversation, talk about what is important to you. And let the flow go… it will be beautiful, it will be meaningful, trust me.



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