And finally it happened…

Walking in Bangsar yesterday, one of the most vivid place in Kuala Lumpur with plenty of great cafes, bakeries with delicious pasteries, bars full of people and restaurants serving delicious food, I realised that… I would miss it!

Going back to Poland in few days, I am extremely excited about the fact that I will meet my family, my friends, I will visit my favourite places. Every time I thought about home I has butterflies in the stomach and smile was occuring on my face.  Right now there is another feeling slowly growing in my heart -and this is leaving a place I call my new home. Not forever, for couple of weeks only, but stilll… no night market every Sunday, no hot temperature outside, no delicious jackfruits and fresh mangos…

It took some time yet it happened, finally.

I’m adjusted to living in Malaysia. And now I want to share with you some of my memories from my first weeks living in this country full of diversity and contrasts. This is a small part of my experience in this country in the South-East Asia. Now you can experience it with me…


What do you think?

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