What happens to you when you live abroad?

What is that happens inside you?

What is that happens INSIDE you?

You Change…

your mindset, perspective, behaviour, style & appearance, clothes

You Explore…

new culture, habits, lifestyle, values, tradition, places, gestures…

You Miss…

your culture, friends & family, food, weather

You Discover…

your values, your dreams, and things that are important to you, the world outside of your comfort zone.

And then you will never be the same again…

Even though it is a long journey with ups and downs, living abroad is one of the most valuable experiences you might have in your life. It enables you to live to the fullest, often changing many things to which you have been used to: material ones and non material, like the way you make new friends, what you do in the public, how you spend your free time, what you eat, how you dress and how you behave.

You realize that there is different way of living and you decide if, and till which point, you want to adjust. It makes you redifine what truly matters to you, what are your core values you would never give up on, what are the things that are not relevant anymore.

It is intense… and it requires being brave enough. Yet reward is priceless: you discover the real beauty of the world, the beauty of your life, so that you can truly live it as you always wanted to.

Will you?Β 


8 thoughts on “What happens to you when you live abroad?

  1. Living abroad is definitely changing me! I do, like you said, get frustrated with some things (it’s just part of the proces!) but I think I have somehow turned England into a magical place where everything is fantastic and works properly. But being away for a while now has completely changed what I want to achieve in the next few years and opened my eyes up to different ways of thinking. Great post!

    1. Thank you for sharing with your experience, willc88! You have a great attitude making the place you live in now your “magical place”.
      Every place has something unique, something beautiful… it depends on us if we want to see it and…to become a part of it.
      Keep going!

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