On friendship in the time when your life turns upside down


It was unexpected. At least for me, for that moment in my life.

Big, BIG change. Suddenly.

Only few hours left – and me, unpacked, without a chance to say “goodbye” to all people and my favourite places.

when-your-life-turns-upside-downWhat would you do when you know that you need to leave everything behind in just few hours?

By everything, I mean – your job, your friends, the place you live in, the things you have collected, the country, your lifestyle…

So, what would you do?

Would you pack carefully, making sure you have all the most important things with you?

Or maybe go to your favourite cafe for the very last time? Or stay at home, reflecting and trying to understand what happened?

I didn’t need to think much about it – I knew it immediately: I want to see my friends again; I want to meet with people that have created my experience there, in Malaysia, people who were a part of all these beautiful moments, moments that in few seconds became only memories.

With the tears in my eyes, or rather, to name it correctly, crying loudly, I got in touch with all of those, who were important to me, who became a part of my life here in Kuala Lumpur.

I was surprised by what has happened just after.

It was the biggest unexpected shift in my life so far. Even though I don’t like showing my emotions and I almost never cry in front of others, even when the things go really bad, this time I did: leaving everything behind in just few hours is not an easy thing to go through.

And this is where the big surprise came: because even though I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for just few months, I got surrounded by amazing people who became my friends, supporting me during one of the most intense moment in my life.

I received so much positive energy, empathy, support and empowerment from each and everyone…It was like getting extra fuel to go further, to move forward with no fear.

It made me realised how lucky I actually was by having all these beautiful individuals there with me. Being there for me. And I want to say once again:

Thank You

It doesn’t matter if we will meet again soon or in couple of years, whether we will be writing to each other on regularly or not. What is important, is that we can count on each other whenever and wherever. Sometimes even by simply thinking about the other person and sending them a single smile from thousands of kilometers away.

Leaving was hard. Yet I have learnt that it is not about the places, doesn’t matter how great they might be, it’s all about people. ALWAYS.


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