Take the opportunities that are waiting for you!

Changes, changes…

How often your life changes?

How often do you change your life?

At the beginning of this post I was just about to write that life of eachof us changes so rapidly, that so many new thigs happen every day, many ideas, people, opportunities…

And then I’ve realized it’s not exactly like this for everybody…

Just recently I’ve had the chance to meet with a friend of mine after few months not seeing each other. Asking about what has happened in her life during this period she told me about some changes she would like to make in her life, the issues she was dealing with. I felt like I went into time machine… we talked about exactly the same things 6 months back! Same doubts, same realationship she is planning to end up soon… same saying “I should do something about it”…

Sometimes we feel stuck. Sometimes we are bored doing the same things all the time, lost in our routine. We are used to certain things, certain lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have your own routine – it helps to feel comfortable on a daily basis, to feel good and often to be more effective. That’s your daily routine, and it’s important. What I’m talking about though, is life routine, in which some people live beacuse it seems the are safe there.

Yet this is the most dangerous thing ever that you can do for yourself!

You might be asking yourself now – but what is so dangerous about it?

There are simply so many beautiful, unique experiences that would enrich your life! The experiences that we are not able to see staying in our comfort zone, living the life we are used to, always (and only) with the same people, in the same places, doing the same things.

These experiences are called opportunities.

They exist all the time, is just that sometimes we don’t see them, or we don’t recognize them. We can change this situation, though… if we want to.

If you want to, you can feel fine with unknown

Just accept the fact, that the future is not written yet. It never was. You create the future. Every person that did something new at the beginning wasn’t sure what would happen in the future. That’s the beauty of life – we all have this unique opportunity to gain the experiences we haven’t expected. Enjoy it!

If you want to, you can accept imperfections

Sometimes we want to make the things perfect and we require being perfect from ourselves as well. It creates lots of pressure and the feeling of not being enough. Remember, no one is perfect – and if you want to make everything perfect from the very beginning, then how would you learn? Do the things, and then improve, learn new things, make them better. By doing that, you will gain much more, you willget the possibility to evolve, to grow, to feel good about your new achievements, your learning.  So just try, look at it again, improve, and celebrate making even small things better. You deserve it.

If you want to, you can change the things

Everbody can, so you can do it as well! Think rationally: great things that have been created by people, were created by ordinary people. Human beings like you. Yes, genious people are normal people who use their abilities and were willing to learn. They were curious enough to try. They accepted the fact that not everything needs to work out from the beginning. Yet still, they decided to try. To believe in themselves. They believed they are just enough to make the change. And so you are- you’re enough, you can change the things. I believe in you.

Look at this beautiful person in the mirror and smile. The opportunities are here, grab them.


What do you think?

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