Rediscover your home with 5 senses

Being back home. Back in Poland…

Every time I go back it is different. It all looks familiar to me, same places, same culture…but at the same time it is somehow… new. There are things that have changed, imvisible  for the ones that have been here for the whole time.

New kind of places – cafes, restaurants and spaces to mingle, small cultural shifts, more people from abroad… Whenever I visit the country that used to be my home, and till some point still is, I experience everything using my 5 senses:

The smell of mown grass – and all beautiful memories from my childhood come back…

The taste of home-made food – that reminds me about the time spent with family…

Hearing the language on the street – so familiar, yet so weird to be heard everywhere around once again…

Seeing the places I’ve been to so many times – so familiar, yet I look at them with curiousity, like I saw them for the very first time

Touching the nature – digging my feet deep into the sand on the beach, the sand so different from the one in Malaysia…

I came back home to explore it again – the country I come from. Travelling around, I rediscovered the whole beauty of it. It has been marvallous experience.

What does make your home land beautiful?

I share with the pictures taken during re-discovery and re-connection trip to Gdańsk. Most of the them are taken by my 16-year-old sister Milena.

IMGP2105 IMGP2103 IMGP2087 IMGP2084 Delicious cup-cakes in Gdańsk IMGP2071 IMGP2067 IMGP2063 IMGP2047 IMGP2043 IMGP2042 IMGP2037


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