The Journey of a Woman

Kobiety…Women… Mujeres…Donnas…

There’s so much hidden behind us. The feelings, emotions, never spoken thoughts. Ideas.

Making a decision to live in 9 countries across the world, and visiting 30+, I have experienced being a woman in different cultures across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Photo credit: Amin Kamrani
Photo credit: Amin Kamrani

I have always felt that by changing my environment and surroundings, I will be changing my life – my lifestyle, the character of the relationships with others, the things I do and the way I do them.

Travelling around the world enabled me also to get to the core of who I am as a person and what are my values. And this is why I became so persistent, for some stubborn, in getting what I really want. Cause I have discovered my true self, my values. I have learnt how to bring happiness to my life and to the everyday moments. I now know what drives me and keeps me going.

Through connecting so close with various cultures by living in such places like Panama, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, my senses became so much more sensitive, and my intuition, if I listen to it, unmistakable. Within the seconds I know if I can trust the person – which is a crucial ability when you travel and move around my yourself.

Today, during this magic Day of Women, that is barely celebrated in Malaysia, where I live, I want to share with the important moments of my life as a girl and growing woman exploring the world and…herself.



Lived: Poland, England, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Romania

Explored: Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, the Netherlands, Vatican, Belgium, France, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Monaco, Portugal, Denmark

Being a woman in Europe varies from country to country, from culture to culture. However, there are few things in common. Women are adored by men… differently in each country.

We are treated differently yet it mainly comes from the old culture in which we grew up. Our mothers were just exploring what feminism really meant to them, fighting for their rights.  The most intense experiences as a woman I had in Italy and Turkey.


One thought on “The Journey of a Woman

  1. This is briliiant. I am quite sure that this will inspire a whole lot of other women to explore and find out who they truly are, and to be not afraid to be themselves.

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