‘Bella’ in Rome

I moved to Italy when I was 20. Young Eastern-European alone in Rome. With blue eyes and round face I clearly did not look like Italian. When thinking about Italy, I think about number of dinners with friends, wine and delicious food, followed by the conversions on three main topics: food, politics and sex. Usually discussed two of them at the same time, which in Italy makes perfect sense.


More physical contact both with men and women, made me realise how important the touch is for me. During the period of living in Italy and living with Italian in Romania, I used much more colour make up, especially when going out. The colours were much more intense, the eyes more visible with dark pencil. I grew my hair and felt much more feminine than before.

It took me a while to get used to the men inviting me for dinners and drinks. Somehow the majority of those who approached me, sometimes randomly on the street, were much older men. Whether it was my Eastern-European look, my youth or both, I don’t know. That was the time when I have learnt how set clear borders between the conversation and the expectations from the other side. I knew how far I could go, what to say and what not to, in order to keep the relationship on the level I wanted.


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